RHB Workout Wireless headphones

RHB Workout Wireless headphones

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Premium Sound

RHB Workout Wireless headphones have been engineered to boost your workouts with full optimum sound of your music. We the RHB team developed these headphones specifically for fitness enthusiast like ourselves who wanted a pair of lightweight but beautifully designed headphones with premium sound quality. RHB Workout Wireless will silence all the noise in the gym or around you where ever your training.

NO Batters NO problem

Dead batteries can kill your workout. The new RHB workout wireless headphones come with a built-in rechargeable batter that lasts up to 8 hours. FOrget special adapters we have included a special micro USB adapter that can be plugged in almost anywhere. But if you do no forget to charge your battery then don't worry as you will have a wired in plug to keep you going!

Better Sound Better Workouts

RHB Workout Wireless are not like your typical headphones. They are specifically designed to enhance you workout experience. Light weight. Comfortable leather headband and a flexible custom fit to allow you to enjoy your music at the highest level while allowing you to dominate you workout!